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Dr. Kristoffer Ning Chang

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Over the years, many patients have had great experience and outcome after undergoing surgery at California Plastic Surgery Clinic.  The following are comments, excerpts of notes and letters the patients have written.

Dear Dr. Chang and staff,

Thank you for your kind and professional care that I received from all of you.  It is a comfort to know during surgery and during the aftercare.

Thanks for your excellent work!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me throughout the surgery and afterwards.  I am healing well and doing fine.  Please extend our appreciations and million of thanks to your wonderful team of staff. 

Your total dedication to the profession and superb skill are impressive.  Both I and my husband thank you whole heartedly for making the operation a pleasant journey.

Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor for inspiring my confidence.  Thank you for your exceptional professionalism, competence, superb artistry, kindness, warmth, sensitivity and charm.

I had a facelift done by Dr. Kristoffer Ning Chang three months ago and I feel he did a fantastic job. I did not want a tightly pulled back look and that's why I choose Dr. Chang. I had seen his work on two other friends who were wildly happy with his results. No one asks me if I had 'work' done; however, everyone keeps telling me how good I look, how rested, etc. My grown son says I look 15 years younger. I like Dr. Chang's personality: low key and not at all pushy, rather, he is mild mannered, super caring, and nurturing. I think with cosmetic surgery you want a caring doctor and a caring staff and Dr. Chang and his staff fill the bill on both counts. My results are perfect and my treatment was equally first class.

Ethical and honest. Very knowledgeable and caring about his profession, patients, and clientele.  My procedure went well.

"Dr. Chang did a neck revision for me 6 months ago. I am very happy with the results, and the entire experience was positive. Thanks so much."

I have known Dr. kristoffer Ning Chang over 20 years. i had breast cancer, and needed advice and implants, I knew Dr. Chang was the perfect fit and person for me. He was elegant, as was his office . His high intelligence, and compassion were staggering. I was his concern. Not only did I look far better than god made me, but his tender care gave me hope and courage.

Dr. Kristoffer Ning Chang--HE SAVED MY LIFE so to speak.

Dr. Chang did corrective surgery on my leg after another doctor "botched" the original surgery. He had to do fat grafting along with necessary liposuction to make my leg look normal again. This procedure required several surgery. I found Dr. Chang expert, compassionate, and very professional. I have now known Dr. Chang over twenty years, and I would recommend him highly for the above mentioned procedure and any other plastic surgery.

I have been a patient of Dr. Chang's for 16 years. He has performed several surgeries on me. He is very compassionate and thorough. He explains things very well. He is calm, sensitive, professional, and honest. He offers great advice as a surgeon. He called after surgery to inquire how I was doing. I have referred several patients to him. They were thrilled with his results. He would never do any surgery which is not necessary. He is available to the patient at all times. I have full confidence in him.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery